Jeffrey Huisingh, PhD  

I’m a retired U.S. Army officer with operational assignments as an artilleryman, aviator, inspector general, military service academy assistant professor, combat operations analyst, policy analyst, and operational test and evaluation technical director.  Since leaving active duty I’ve worked as a senior program manager in corporate America responsible for leveraging the talents of multifunctional team members to develop, test, evaluate, and field routine and emergency procedures for critical IT, aircraft, maritime, and land-based systems for the federal government. 

About Me

World View

The real world is messy.  Operational problems seldom conform to academic models and existing data sets supporting key decisions may be incomplete, inconsistent, or irrelevant.  Additionally, solutions may require significant inter- or intra-organizational boundary spanning and the recognition, development, maintenance and exploitation of social capital--coupled with the development, fielding, and enforcement of new procedures.

To achieve client objectives, I am comfortable employing appropriate quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-methods approaches to identify and improve targeted organizational performance issues.